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Dear Facebook, please tell me what kind of lingerie I am!

So anyone who uses Facebook must be aware of the multitude of applications that you get ‘invited’ to try and most people find it a bit annoying. One of the reasons a lot of people don’t like them is because … Continue reading

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You can’t hire top SEOs

So in my head I’m thinking to myself, sure if you’re a top (I really doing mean top, not just quite good) SEO why on earth would you sell your services to others? Say, for example, your ranking a few … Continue reading

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Facebook dying? Only if you’re a sleezy marketeer..

So apparently ‘people’ are getting bored of facebook, reverting to simply using twitter, or giving up on social media altogether. Who are these people and why are they not enjoying facebook? Facebook is not built for marketeers Sorry guys, facebook … Continue reading

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Adding Google Analytics tracking to 1shoppingcart

A fair number of people arrive at this site looking for information about adding Google Analytics tracking to 1shoppingcart so I figured I better write something more thorough about it as at the moment the only content is comments on … Continue reading

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