When I was much younger, I used to hang out on various IRC channels and tinkered around with writing simple mIRC scripts to mimic IRC Bots (my first taste of “programming”).

Then I spent quite a while playing the excellent computer game Unreal Tournament (UT) – I badly wanted to make a “mod” for UT but had no idea what to make (and no programming skills) so I followed along some tutorials to make “mutators”; simple game changing tweaks. I had a failed attempt at a vampire mutator where in theory as you damaged enemies you would receive their lost HP. I didn’t work out but I did enjoy creating some [pretty bad] custom maps!

At the same time I enjoyed creating ghastly websites mostly using frames – I thought Dreamweaver was the height of cool.

When I was 14 I bought a book on Perl (I actually can’t remember why – I think I perhaps wanted to be a “cool hacker dude” or something) but totally didn’t get it due to the linuxyness and the fact that back then Perl on Windows wasn’t so easy so I gave that a miss for a while.

I loved History at school and didn’t bother with Computing because all it seemed to involve was Excel and websites made in Word.

These days I study Software Engineering, have gone back over the Learning Perl book, spend a lot of time in the command line and enjoy creating web applications of various kinds.

The Lowdown

This is my current view of computers [and other things].

I like Macs – you get all the command line joy of Linux with all the shiny/polish of Apple. I like Perl (and dynamic languages generally); certainly more so than Java.

I’m generally a fan of the whole open-sourcyness and like to tinker around with new things like Redis. Also, while not really being a PHP developer, I’m pretty happy to hack away on WordPress or to work with CodeIgniter or CakePHP.

I’m happiest working with web related technologies and working on web applications. I find the setup of highly scalable web applications pretty intriguing too – High Scalability is a great blog!

Occasionally I’m interested in SEO, web analytics or web application security.

Finally, I enjoy music, cooking and nice shoes.


Since June ‘09 I have been working as a remote Perl developer writing modern Perl code using Moose, DBIx and Catalyst where possible.

For the period Aug. ‘06 – Sept. ‘07 I worked as web developer at a search conversion agency in London. I was involved with server side web development using Perl with I mostly was involved with maintenance work for clients in the financial services industry. I also discovered the dark art of SEO, in which I became increasingly interested.


I am about to enter my final year of a Computer Science/Software Engineering degree. My final year project is on the topic of automated discovery of Cross Site Scripting and SQL Injection vulnerabilities in web applications.

During the degree I have been exposed to a wide array of topics: programming (java/c), databases (mysql/access), networking, 3d imaging (java3d/open GL), AI, software engineering and maths/logic.

For more information please see my CV.


If you’d like to get in touch, direct your emails to: adamtaylor @ gmail . com.