BrainChip Holdings to Analyse Casino Card Game Outcomes

By | February 13, 2017

Mohegan Sun is one of the most famous independent casinos in the whole of North America, not to mention the largest too. However, at the end of 2016, the casino decided to make some changes to the way they operate. Teaming up with a company called BrainChip Holdings (ASX: BRN), the casino has introduced a solution for gaming operators to be able to overlook the results of card games within the casino.

The solution, developed by BrainChip, is called the ‘Game Outcome Solution.’ It makes use of a kind of technology that is able to accurately guess cards and outcomes of card games and other bets in real time. This technology is known as Spiking Neuron Adaptive Processor, or SNAP for short. This SNAP technology is able to recognize cards and numbers and track even the most complex of algorithms and objects from a variety of sources, including the likes of live video camera feeds, which is pretty impressive!

The point of this technology is to be able to spot any game rules being broken, any cheating and any foul play in casinos, be them purposeful or simply a human error that nobody else is noticing. With the ability to do this in real-time, it means more games can be played as fairly as possible, and this should hopefully reduce the number of accusations of foul play in casinos.

There is already evidence that BrainChip has been successful at its job, as it was put to use in Las Vegas – the gaming capital of the world – and so it probably won’t be too long before we see it being implemented on a broader scale, in casinos across the globe. As it happens, the company are hoping that this kind of technology won’t just be used successfully in schools, but that it will also be used successfully in schools, to control traffic and for other things too.

Thanks to its fast growing success, the share price for BrainChip has gone through the roof, rising by over 40% during the last month which is a highly fast rate.