Distinguished Gaming Executives and Internet Pioneer Join Board of Atlantis Gaming Corporation (AGC)

By | January 28, 2017

The Atlantis Gaming Corporation (AGC) have managed to sign some of the gaming and gambling industries most successful executive figures to its Board of Directors- John English, Gary Green, and Victor B. Lawrence. The three of them have a great many years of experience in a variety of fields under their belts, all of which make them a worthwhile addition to the team.

John English has already earned himself a brilliant reputation as a global gaming expert and is an iconic figure in the gaming industry. An expert particularly in sports wagering and in betting technology, John English has been signed to the Board of Directors to take on the responsibility of overseeing the development of content for the AGC platform, a role which everyone on the AGC team feels he is more than qualified to do. Founder and Chairman of AGC, Donald Bailey, had nothing but praise for the highly respected sports figure and is only too happy to have him on board.

The announcement of Gary Green’s signing to the Board of Directors is another decision that pleased the AGC team. With an excellent career history under his belt and previous employers including the likes of Donald Trump, Green is acknowledged across the gaming industry as an impressive gambling guru who knows everything there is to know about the casino industry and in particular, slot machines.

As for the technology side of things, Victor B. Lawrence has taken over on the Board of Directors. As a successful internet figure, Lawrence has several years of the web and digital experience behind him that more than qualifies him for the job! He has actually been commended for bringing about the existence of high-speed internet through his invention of telecommunications signal processing. This accomplishment alone proves that he is not only incredibly talented in the technology side of things, but in the science side of things too.

There’s no doubt that these three individuals have indeed made a strong addition to the Board of Directors, and together, they’ll be able to take AGC from strength to strength.