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500 Ways To Find Adam Taylor

Here I present 500 keywords people have used to find this site for your general amusement and amazement!

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Another Crap SEO Tool

When I was travelling a while back I got an email fired to me about “a new, free tool for automatically analyzing URLs for a comprehensive range of SEO issues”. I was going through my old emails (kinda – still … Continue reading

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Are Madlib Sites Whitehat?

I’m never really sure what to write about these days, so I figured it was about time I checked my logs to see what people were looking for, I mean hell, it’s what the gurus suggest (damn I was looking … Continue reading

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The Hottest SEO Trends

I just spent £10 on magazines – quite excessive for a poor student! I bought .net as well as a few others because a featured article caught my eye – ‘The hottest SEO trends. Starring: Google’s Matt Cutts, SEO Guru … Continue reading

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You can’t hire top SEOs

So in my head I’m thinking to myself, sure if you’re a top (I really doing mean top, not just quite good) SEO why on earth would you sell your services to others? Say, for example, your ranking a few … Continue reading

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