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Who Is Justine Ezarek?

Disclaimer: Regular readers (do I have any?) may ignore this; I think you know what I’m doing.. Actually she’s no one.. Sorry to dissapoint. You have just misspelt Justine Ezarik. Who is Justine Ezarik? She is often known as iJustine … Continue reading

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Are Madlib Sites Whitehat?

I’m never really sure what to write about these days, so I figured it was about time I checked my logs to see what people were looking for, I mean hell, it’s what the gurus suggest (damn I was looking … Continue reading

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Mad-Lib Perl Snippet

I bashed up a quick mad-lib perl class for use in some future scripts. If you don’t know what mad-lib is it’s basically a function that when given an input such as us:we:i:them:she:he will select one. Given a whole block … Continue reading

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A little script for you

A fair few weeks ago I wanted to see if I could still code any Perl, which I’m glad to say [I think] I can, so I decided to port a little php script to Perl. For some reason I … Continue reading

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